Monday, June 23, 2014

San Diego Business Coach Helps SMEs Successfully Market Goods Online

The digital age democratized a lot of things and even brought businesses the best tools to reach out to their market. Opening a Facebook page or a Twitter account, however, does not guarantee that entrepreneurs will be successful at launching their goods and immediately reap financial rewards. Businessmen need to remember that marketing foundations are still important in this era and getting a San Diego business coach helps in applying these concepts to practically every online platform available.

Small and medium enterprise (SMEs) owners have a lot to learn about running a business. Experienced consultants, such as J. Bergman Consulting, provide business coaching in San Diego that makes sure neophyte (and even seasoned) companies are equipped with the necessary skills to do business in this day and age, especially in marketing their products and services.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gearing up a Startup: Small Business Budgeting

Many small business ideas end up dying in the conceptual stage because the brains behind them fear that they might not be able to raise the money to start a business, or sustain the challenges of keeping a small company afloat. However, with enough willpower, and thanks in part to good business coaching, other startup ideas end up turning into a plan, and eventually, into a business. Here are some basic budgeting tips for that business you’ve always wanted to open:

Know the Expenses

Of course, before you can start budgeting, you should know what you’ll be paying for. There are basically two classes of startup expenses: operational costs and capital expenditures. The former deals with things like renting or buying office space, supplies, marketing materials, legal documentation, etc., while capital expenses are for business assets like cars, inventory or equipment.

Get Estimates

Now that you know what you’ll be paying for, start estimating them by researching how much each item usually costs. You should also get estimates for your possible revenue (you could do a little bit of spying on your competitors’ prices for this one).  Adjust your expenses, especially on those that you’ll be paying more than once, by opting for alternatives. For example, you could opt to buy raw materials in bulk, or invest in a low-cost storage facility, among others.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How a Reliable San Diego Business Coach Can Help New Entrepreneurs

"Firm belief in your vision and execution A well-defined vision is the major force that drives entrepreneurs to success, but a vision remains a dream without execution. If you want to maximize your business efficiency in order to achieve your goals, hiring a trusted San Diego business coach, like J. Bergman Consulting is the way to go. Through a fresh set of eyes and a professional point-of-view, your coach can teach you how to build thorough business strategies, expanding your mindset and enabling you to explore new opportunities. Speed and time management Starting a small to medium business can be a giant wall to overcome, where you need to balance productivity and effective work with limited time and resources. A professional business coach is familiar with what you’re going through, having most likely gone through it himself, and so can advise you on what to prioritize for better efficiency."

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Business Coaches and Consultants: The Differences

The pursuit of success sometimes requires a different perspective. Thankfully for business people, that difference in perspective isn’t too hard to find in business coaches and consultants. While both types of counselors fill the same role, coaching and consulting employ drastically different approaches to the problem. Deciding which one best fits your needs and learning style can help you get the most out of your learning experience with either one.

Monday, April 14, 2014

3 Helpful Tips for Choosing a Business Coach

So, you’re looking to establish a business. Well, as much as you’d like to believe you have the talent, your own knowledge still isn’t enough. Like a rookie boxer looking to be a world champion, you’ll need a trainer. Someone who can tap into your potential and let it shine bright. 

Looking for a credible business coach isn’t as complex as the clockwork of a watch. It’s fairly uncomplicated; just consider these three main tips. 
Is your potential business coach already successful to begin with? Frankly, you’ll need someone to look up to, someone you’ll model your entrepreneurial skills after. You have to want to be like him, or surpass him. This expert might have had coaching back in the day, but whatever he has learned from coaching or experience, he must have earned through hard work and trial and error. In a way, a business coach is handing down his knowledge and skills to you. Two for the price of one. 
Are you comfortable with his mentorship style? If you are, he is a keeper. Choose the one who values you as a student, friend, and colleague. And even while he is extremely knowledgeable, he would need to speak clearly and explain logically all that you need to know so you may understand the concepts behind the actions. 
Consider the nature of your business. Naturally, you choose a coach with a business that’s perfectly aligned with yours. You wouldn’t want an IT expert coaching you how to build a fashion store, would you? Of course not.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Business Coach in San Diego Guiding you on Handling Your Startup

Many people want to earn a livelihood in any way they can, regardless of the pay grade and the job description, and as long as they productively contribute to society.
America’s Finest City boasts a strategic location and vibrant economy centered on defense, tourism, and research; the deep-water port and proximity to the Mexican border allows for heavy stimulation of local businesses. If you have just opened a new business and want to make it grow with what resources you have, an experienced business coach in San Diego like Mr. John Bergman of J. Bergman Consulting is the right person to look to for advice.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

SMB Financial Tips You Can Get from a Business Coach in San Diego

The Pros

When starting out in any business, there’s nothing quite like talking to professionals who have experience, and this is where companies like J. Bergman Consulting come in. Having a business or financial consultant by your side should help you avoid any other pitfalls that could potentially send your business careening into bankruptcy.

Always remember that in the end, the survival of your business hinges a lot on its very lifeblood – financial resources. Getting efficient San Diego business coaching services should also give you an excellent edge.